Exciting Things to Do in Alaska

If Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, then Alaska could be called the land of 10,000 activities. Every season brings a different type of outdoor activity to the forefront and nearly all of them are of world-class quality. Visitors from all over the world come to Alaska for hunting, fishing, and hiking activities. The lure of Denali National Park is international and easily satisfied by tours out of Fairbanks.

The central location of Denali and Mt. McKinley (over 20,000 feet tall) make it a scenic wonder from most of the interior parts of Alaska. There are expeditions of professional mountain climbers that regularly tackle the awesome mountain to try to conquer the summit. The extreme altitude and rapidly changing weather make the challenge of climbing the mountain often life threatening, even for professionals. The average person can enjoy the stunning views from the bottom of the mountain from many locations, including the scenic railway with clear bubble topped cars.

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A unique and quite well known activity among the favorite things to do in Alaska by locals or visitors is to view the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. The phenomenon is present in all seasons, but the long darkness and clear skies of winter often attract more viewers to this colorful event. Even long time residents enjoy the ever-changing views provided by the lights, often from their front porches.

A favorite spot in the Fairbanks area for viewing the Northern Lights is from any of the local natural hot springs. Even during the winter, the hot springs are a relaxing and comfortable place to enjoy the natural sky lights display.

The local tribes of native Alaskans provide a healthy supply of gifts and artwork for those interested by shopping in Fairbanks Alaska. There are numerous local gift shops or you can take a tour to an Eskimo village and find handcrafted gifts there as well. The University of Alaska at Fairbanks hosts the Museum of the North with a large display of local native and resident artwork. There are several annual festivals displaying various aspects of native culture or artwork from the Eskimos, Athabascan Indians, or Aleut natives.

Local and Big Box Shopping in Fairbanks Alaska

Shopping in Fairbanks Alaska is not limited to just native gifts, but also has big name national retailers such as Sam's Club and Fred Meyers. There are a variety of food and drugs stores to choose from and, though it is not equal to a major metropolitan area, a consumer can find or order just about anything they might want or need.

Some of the best shopping can be found at the local festivals, which are among the most fun things to do in Alaska no matter where you travel. Fairbanks hosts at least five annual festivals highlighting either a historical way of life or a native heritage in most cases.

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