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When people envision Alaska, it usually produces thoughts of frontier conditions a little more primitive than the norm in America. The truth is that the lifestyle of Alaska is unique and often tends to have a higher level of spirit than many city areas. The freedom of the open wilderness and challenges of extremes in daylight and weather make learning about Fairbanks Alaska fun and exciting.

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Information on Fairbanks AK concerning the weather shows there are extremes but not as bad as you might think initially. There are days in winter with temperatures of minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit but not many. Most days are cold but not brutal or extreme.

The lengths of a given day in Fairbanks can be explained by a Fairbanks Alaska map showing how far north and close to the Arctic Circle the town is located. The days can be as long as 22 hours with the other two hours being more twilight instead of darkness. Winter holds the opposite promise for 22 hours of night with only a few hours of weak sunlight during the middle of the season.

Learning about Fairbanks Alaska

The process to learn about Fairbanks Alaska should not be hard, as the state, borough, and city all offer great pamphlets free to interested parties. The vivid color pictures give any curious person a minor glimpse at the beauty of the scenery and landscape of the Fairbanks area. These brochures are the bait with information on Fairbanks Alaska for the excited traveler and it is rare for one to be disappointed.

Fairbanks Alaska Map Shows the Way

To really get to know the city, a Fairbanks Alaska map is needed and probably one of the entire region. The city is not too large but the surrounding areas have many attractions such as Denali National Park, the hot springs, rivers, and recreational areas. From most parts of the central area of the state, it is possible to view Mt. McKinley towering over 20,000 feet above sea level. It has fascinated visitors and residents alike for many years.

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