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The state of Alaska is a large place with diverse climates, landscapes, and people. The best way to find information on Alaska is to seek out the locals from the area you want to visit or visit the wide variety of natural wonders and cultural attractions. The state provides flashy brochures free to interested people with great Alaska photographs of different areas.

Alaska has five regions: from the southern coasts of the Inside Passage to the Arctic wilderness of the far north. Central to the state is the vast region known as the Interior, featuring natural wonders such as Denali National Park, several major rivers, and millions of acres of wilderness.

Fairbanks is the largest city in the Interior, and the second largest in Alaska. Living in Fairbanks Alaska is always an adventure. Residents experience the diverse natural landscape and climate; from the bone-chilling winters and Northern Lights to the summer of the midnight sun, where daylight exists 24 hours a day. All seasons offer a variety of outdoor activities, such as skiing, mountain biking, canoeing, backpacking and hunting.

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Fun Activities in Fairbanks Alaska

Activities in Fairbanks Alaska will keep you busy all year long. During the winter you can enjoy downhill and cross country skiing, dog mushing, sledding, ice sculptures, Eskimo festivals, ice fishing, and the breath-taking Northern Lights. The summer offers hiking, camping, fishing, river kayaking, riverboat cruises, festivals, and more.

Dining in Fairbanks Alaska highlights the fresh food available from rivers and lake fish, and wild game. Traditional flavors from the frontier past of the area and native influences make the dining experience unique and flavorful.

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Outdoor Beauty Captured in Alaska Photographs

One of the most fantastic and beautiful sights in Fairbanks are the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. The wispy lights can be seen at almost anytime there is darkness and clear skies. The summertime has little darkness with some days only having about two hours or less when the sun goes below the horizon. The winter offers great opportunities for Alaska photographs of the Northern Lights in many colors under usually crystal clear nights.

The festivals and historical activities in Fairbanks Alaska are great fun and provide educational information on Alaska during the Gold Rush and from native traditions. A unique Fairbanks way to experience the awesome outdoors in winter is taking a ride with a local dog musher through the woods and meadows. Traveling by dog sled gives the rider a taste of frontier life while quietly mushing through the snowy landscape.

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