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Living in Alaska may be tough, but there are some perks to it. A question that many people from the “Lower 48” (a term commonly used to signify the 48 continental states) is if Alaskans really do get paid for living here. In fact we do, in the form of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend, or PFD. You can learn more about the PFD by visiting the State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend webpage.

Are you already living in Fairbanks? Maybe you are just visiting and thinking of staying, or somewhere in between? Spirit of Alaska FCU can help answer any financial questions you may have; from basic savings and draft accounts to automobile and house loans.

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Permanent Fund Dividend Division
- State of Alaska PFD division in the department of revenue.

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Cost of Living Comparison - Compare the cost of living, crime rates, climate, homes between two cities, and get school information.

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