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The list of Fairbanks Alaska activities is nearly endless and changes with every season. The seasonal approach may be the best way to define the events and opportunities available in the Fairbanks area.

Spring is an exciting time of year for Fairbanks and is the start of local festivals and transiting to outdoor activities curtailed during the winter months. Hunting and fishing start to boom as many more opportunities are available after the snow and ice recede. Camping and hiking start to rise, but really wait until summer to catch on fully.

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Summer brings milder temperatures and greatly expanded daylight hours. Fairbanks is not quite the land of the midnight sun, but the night time hours are reduced to about two on the longest days. Very long days allow for expanded outdoor activities in Fairbanks Alaska such as river cruising, kayaking, camping, fishing, and hunting. The World Eskimo Indian Olympics are hosted by Fairbanks every year and display many of the athletic skills used by the native people of Alaska.

Fall often seems short in Fairbanks as the winter approaches fast with different years. The harvest does happen in Alaska, but is often more for fish and game than agricultural crops. Large supplies are gathered during this season to prepare for winter. Many of the summer activities are continued until the temperatures or snowfall dictate otherwise.

Winter offers numerous activities from ice fishing to hot springs bathing while watching the Northern Lights. Ice plays a key role in Fairbanks and is usually clear due to the low temperatures. Huge ice sculptures are created every year and draw artists from around the world. There are knights and lions placed next to bears and castles. An ice park for the enjoyment of children is also created.

Winter is the season for downhill skiing, cross country skiing, and dog mushing. Fairbanks is near the national center for cross country skiing and a world recognized location for dog sled events. Snow mobiles are also very popular.

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Family Activities in Fairbanks Alaska

The winter offers unique family activities in Fairbanks Alaska such as mushing out with a dog sled team around the local area and being spectators at local races. The world class ice sculptures and kids play park provide great family opportunities.

Fairbanks Alaska activities for the summer and milder seasons open up family camping, hiking, and scenic trips to Denali or one of the other nearby recreation areas. Taking a riverboat cruise on the Chena River or experiencing the hot springs are sure winners with the family.

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